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3 Tips for Preparing Your Home’s Electrical System Before Going on Vacation

No matter if it is winter or summer, a vacation is always exciting. Vacations provide you with much-needed rest and relaxation, and they also give you a chance to forget about the cares of life temporarily. If you want to truly have peace of mind while on vacation, it is essential that you first prepare your electrical system to prevent disasters from occurring while away. The last thing that you want is to come home to find your house has been burned to the ground because of an electrical fire. To prepare the electrical system for vacation, it is essential to follow the three tips below.

1. Turn Off or Unplug Any Unused Appliances

While this certainly does not apply to your refrigerator or freezer, this rule does apply to appliances such as televisions, toasters, blenders, multimedia devices, and lamps. Lightbulbs can especially pose fire hazards if they overheat.

2. Make Sure Your Homes Electrical System Is Protected Against Sudden Surges

No one can control the weather, and storms may crop up when you are out of town. Since Jonesboro, AR gets an average of 49 inches of rain each year, storms are definitely a possibility. When storms occur, there is a chance that lightning will strike and force excess electricity through your home’s electrical system, causing a sudden surge of power to occur.

This sudden power surge can destroy your appliances and even cause fires. To protect your home against sudden power surges, you must have a professional electrician come and install surge protection devices. When surge protection devices are installed, the excess electricity from the lightning will be redirected to the earth.

3. Have Your Homes Electrical System Inspected

If you have not had an inspection on your home’s electrical system, it is advantageous to schedule an inspection to be done by a professional electrician. Inspections are critical, especially if your home is an older home that has aluminum wiring. Experts recommend that a home’s electrical system be inspected every five years.

It is even more beneficial to have an inspection done before going on vacation to make sure everything is working as designed. If problems are spotted, they can be remediated before you leave, enabling you to have peace of mind that nothing will go wrong while you are away. Schedule your inspection at least three weeks before going on vacation so that there is time to fix any problems that the electrician finds.

If you are going out of town and want to make certain your electrical system is in top-notch shape, contact Chamberlain Electric to schedule your inspection. Our highly trained electricians will perform a thorough inspection of your home’s electrical system and help you to fix any problems we find.

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