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Electrical Panel repair and replacement in Jonesboro, AR

Chamberlain Electric, a family-owned and -operated company, has been providing world-class electrical services to residents of Jonesboro, AR and the surrounding areas for years. Over the course of our company’s history, we’ve managed to set ourselves apart from our competition by maintaining our company’s commitment to excellence. This commitment impacts everything we do. We make sure that our team of professionally licensed electricians receives excellent, ongoing training. We make sure that they’re equipped with the best tools in the industry. All of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we are completely dedicated to customer service. Excellence is at the heart of everything we do, including our ability to work on your electrical panel in Jonesboro, AR. 

Why Your Electrical Panel Matters

If you’re not overly familiar with electrical systems in your home, it’s important that you understand the important role that your electrical panel plays. Essentially, your electrical panel is responsible for distributing electricity to every area of your property. Whether you’re talking about the appliances in your kitchen or the lights in your detached garage, all of your electrical needs tie back into your electrical panel. 

That’s why it’s so important that you call for professional repair services as soon as you notice anything wrong with your electrical panel. Something as simple as a breaker that keeps tripping can be indicative of a serious issue. Fortunately, our team of electricians can quickly diagnose and repair the problem, restoring full electrical service to your Jonesboro, AR home.

For highly rated and trusted electrical panel repair and replacement in Jonesboro, AR, call (870) 335-2788 today!

Signs of Electrical Panel Problems

Since you don’t have an electrician’s license, it’s important that you know what warning signs to look for that signal something is wrong with your electrical panel. Obviously, we never encourage our clients to perform any of their own diagnostics or repairs, but knowing when there is a problem is crucial.

For instance, if you notice flickering lights in any area of your home, there’s a good chance that something is wrong with the electrical panel. Obviously, you can try putting in a new lightbulb, but if the problem persists, it’s safe to assume that something is wrong with your home’s electrical system.

As we mentioned a moment ago, breakers constantly tripping are also indicative of an electrical panel problem. Breakers trip when your panel doesn’t have enough juice to power the appliances that you’re trying to use.

Depending on the severity of the problems, you may be better suited to opt for electrical panel replacement in Jonesboro, AR. While our electricians will never try to force you into opting for electrical panel installation in Jonesboro, AR, they will present you with the information that they have so you can make an informed decision about what the best choice is.

Benefits of an Electrical Panel Upgrade

If you make the decision to replace your existing electrical panel, there are several benefits worth considering. First of all, an upgraded electrical panel will greatly improve your home’s electrical safety. Every year, thousands of homes fall prey to electrical fires, many of which stem from outdated or faulty electrical panels. Having the peace of mind associated with an upgraded, high-functioning electrical panel cannot be overstated.

Additionally, you may also notice a decrease in your monthly utility bills. Since increasing bills are another sign of electrical panel issues, it stands to reason that a new panel could help lower those bills. Many customers who are suffering from electrical panel issues opt for a new panel as a way of investing in the long-term energy efficiency of their homes.

Trust Chamberlain Electric With Your Electrical Panel Needs

Our ultimate goal on every job that we perform is 100% customer satisfaction. In fact, we are so committed to your satisfaction, that we guarantee it. If you’re not satisfied, our job isn’t done yet. Over the years, we have repaired virtually every type of electrical panel issue imaginable. In some cases, homeowners have decided that a new electrical panel is the best option, and we’ve handled their installation needs as well. Call Chamberlain Electric today at (870) 335-2788 to find out how we can remedy all of your electrical panel issues.

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