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Electrician in Paragould, AR

Chamberlain Electric is your reliable electrical contractor in Paragould, AR. Our fully licensed and trained electricians can handle your job easily. We know residential and commercial electrical systems. Our team offers speedy service, so you are never sitting in the dark. We are proud to be locally owned and operated. This means that we know all the local codes that need to be complied with for your safety. We also offer upfront and honest pricing, so you will know exactly what price you will pay before work begins. When you trust Chamberlain Electric with your job, you are in good hands. If you need an electrician, contact us at (870) 335-2788 to schedule your service.  

Trusted Commercial Electrical Contractors

When you need a commercial electrician in Paragould, AR, look no further than Chamberlain Electric. Commercial buildings have specialized electrical needs compared to residential buildings. Our trained commercial electricians know how to keep your electrical service up to snuff. Whether you need new lighting, repairs, or new outlets installed, we can help. We know how important good electrical service is to your business’s needs, so we will make sure you can get back to work. 

Lighting for Your Home

Lighting in Paragould, AR is one of the most overlooked parts of the interior and landscape design. It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into making your home attractive if all that hard work disappears as soon as the sun goes down. Good lighting can help highlight the best features of your home with spotlights or feature lighting. Recessed lighting can help light up dim spaces without taking attention away from the rest of your design. Lighting can also make your indoor and outdoor spaces safer by lighting stairs and other potentially hazardous areas. You can even get LED lighting that offers easy mood lighting and will brighten up your space for less money. 

Call your trusted professional electricians in Paragould, AR today to schedule your services: (870) 335-2788

Electrical Panel Repairs and Replacement

Your electrical panel is where the electricity that powers your home enters and is distributed. It includes important safety features to help prevent electrical fires and damage to your electronic appliances. If your electrical panel is getting older, an electrical panel repair in Paragould, AR is important for safety. We can inspect your panel and make sure that it is functioning safely. If it is out of date or unsafe, we also can help with electrical panel replacements in Paragould, AR.

Home EV Chargers

Electric vehicles, or EVs, are slowly taking over the market. While all EVs include a basic cable that works with a standard household outlet, using it to charge your car can take up to 20 hours, depending on how large your car’s battery is. Opt for a home EV charger in Paragould, AR, and you can charge faster. Charging at home also typically costs less than finding a public charger. We can help you find the right charger for your home. We will inspect your electrical system and get it ready for the increased load. We can also install the charger where you typically charge your car.

Surge Protection for Your Home

Everyone is familiar with the basic surge protector strips. Anything plugged into these will be protected from electrical surges such as lightning strikes. What about the rest of your home’s electrical systems and appliances? If you want to protect them from dangerous power surges, consider whole-home surge protection in Paragould, AR. By opting for surge protection that covers your whole home, your expensive appliances are protected from damage. Even if you unplug everything during a storm, surges can happen at any point and wear down appliances. Surge protection helps keep you from having to replace appliances more often than necessary.

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