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Commercial Electrician in Jonesboro, AR

Locally owned and operated, Chamberlain Electric has been meeting the electrical needs of business owners in and around Jonesboro, AR since day one. Over the course of our company’s history, we have cemented our position as the best commercial electrical contractor for Jonesboro, AR. How have we done that? By being constantly committed to exceeding expectations. When you’re looking for a commercial electrician in Jonesboro, AR, you don’t want to work with someone who is going to come in, do the bare minimum, and leave. That’s where we excel. Our business is fully committed to making sure that your commercial facility’s electrical system is safe, efficient, and operating exactly the way that you need it to. When you’re looking for the best commercial electrical contractor in Jonesboro, AR, look no further than Chamberlain Electric.

What We Can Do for You

Having a commercial electrician in Jonesboro, AR is about much more than ensuring that your commercial facility’s electrical system operates correctly. Our services go far beyond standard wiring, making us one of the premier names for business owners looking for a commercial electrical contractor.

General lighting: Having adequate lighting in your commercial facility impacts the safety, productivity, and overall aesthetic of your space. Obviously, it’s important that your staff and clientele can safely move around your facility, meaning lighting is one of the most important parts of a commercial facility. Additionally, you may opt for light fixtures that create a more welcoming, stylish design aesthetic for your space. Our team of world-class commercial electricians can help get those fixtures installed, creating the look that you’re going for.

Upgrades and improvements: Whether you’re looking to build on to your existing commercial facility or you simply need to upgrade the space, our electricians have the solution. If you own a commercial facility that is of an advanced age, there’s a good possibility that the electrical system has become outdated over the years. Fortunately, our electricians can assess your current electrical system and can help ensure the safety and functionality of the space by upgrading your wiring.

Security and safety: Having a security system in place is one of the most important parts of owning any type of commercial facility. For instance, if you own an apartment complex, your tenants want the peace of mind associated with knowing that they are safe while at home. If you own a retail location, restaurant, or other type of business, you want to know that your assets are protected. Our electricians can help install the type of security systems that you and your clients are looking for to ensure that your space is safe and that your business is protected.

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Experience Matters

Any electrical contractor that you call is going to offer electrical services from professionally licensed electricians. However, when you’re looking for an electrical contractor to handle your commercial facility’s electrical needs, it’s important to note that experience matters. Commercial facilities are typically much larger than their residential counterparts. With that information in mind, it’s important to choose an electrician who knows how to handle these much larger, more intricate jobs.

Additionally, the codes and ordinances that govern how commercial electrical systems operate are completely different than the ordinances that dictate residential electrical systems. Having an electrician with commercial experience assess your commercial facility’s wiring and electrical grid before handling the task at hand is paramount. Our team of electricians is among the best in the industry at what they do and has years of experience in commercial facilities.

The Solutions You’re Looking For

Over the course of our company’s history, there isn’t much that we haven’t seen. Whether dealing with small spaces or massive commercial facilities, our team of electricians is armed with the best training, the best tools in the industry, and all the experience that you’re looking for. Regardless of the type of commercial facility that you own, you can trust Chamberlain Electric with all of your electrical needs. Call us today at (870) 335-2788 to find out how we can meet your needs.

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