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Electrician in Bono, AR

When you need an electrician in Bono, AR, reach out to Chamberlain Electric. We offer licensed and skilled electricians who can take on just about any job. As experienced professionals, we know how to work quickly while following local codes. Furthermore, our electricians will protect your property when they come for repairs or installation jobs. We’ll accurately identify the problems and repair everything professionally. When you need top-notch electrician services in Bono, AR, don’t hesitate to reach out to Chamberlain Electric by calling us at (870) 335-2788. We service both homes and businesses.

Commercial Electrician Services

When there’s an electrical problem at your company, reach out to a commercial electrician in Bono, AR. At Chamberlain Electric, we offer commercial services for a variety of issues. We provide electrical inspections to see if there are any loose connections, worn-out parts, bad breakers, or even under-sized conductors. Our electricians are also licensed to provide thermal scanning. Turn to us for electrical upgrades as well as new construction jobs. If your electrical power quality is having issues, we can upgrade it or simply repair individual parts.

Lighting Services for Your Home

As a reputable electrical contractor in Bono, AR, we can install and maintain electrical outdoor lighting on your property. At Chamberlain Electric, we install outdoor lighting to illuminate your yard, garage, and entryways. Contact us for indoor electrical lighting, too. We can install LED lighting as well as specialty electrical lighting that you may want for your home. If you’re looking to switch out your old lighting for energy-efficient bulbs, talk to us. We’re here to upgrade your lighting system. We can even provide automated lighting systems and recessed lighting in Bono, AR.

For an electrician in Bono, AR that you can trust, contact Chamberlain Electric today: (870) 335-2788

Find Quality Panel Repair/Replacement Services

Your electrical panel is the heart of your electrical system. When it breaks down, it will affect your entire household. Hiring an electrician specializing in panel repair/replacement services in Bono, AR is imperative if you need it fixed quickly. Besides breaking down, your electrical panel may also be outdated, and you may need to replace it. Whether you need a repair or a replacement, Chamberlain Electric can do both. You’ll notice you have a problem if your appliances aren’t running well or your lights are flickering. These kinds of signs indicate there’s something wrong with your electrical panel. Give us a call so that we can troubleshoot the problem and fix it immediately.

Look to Us for Installation of EV Chargers

If you have an electric vehicle and need to charge it daily, call Chamberlain Electric. Our electricians will install a unit in your home that will charge your car faster than regular sockets. We offer different level chargers, and we can help you choose the one that best suits your needs. With the right charger conveniently at home, you’ll never have to worry about having a fully powered car. Our experienced electricians will install an EV charger in Bono, AR that abides by the local codes and one that your home can comfortably support. 

Check Out Our Surge Protection Services

Bad thunderstorms may ruin the appliances and computers in your home. Thankfully, our Bono surge protection services will protect your appliances and electronics from voltage spikes. There are quite a few benefits of having surge protection. The obvious benefit is that it protects your equipment, such as your gaming consoles and computers if there’s a lightning strike or power outage. Another advantage is that it helps prevent fires. An electrical fire can occur if you have too much voltage flowing through your outlets. Lastly, surge protection prevents electrical problems with your electrical panel.

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