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Electrician in Hoxie, AR

When you need electrical services in Hoxie, AR, you should trust Chamberlain Electric. We are a locally owned and operated company that offers all the electrical services you need. Whether you need it for your home or business, we can help. Our staff is professionals, and they are ready to help you solve your electrical problems. Our electricians are fully licensed and trained, so they can handle whatever your job needs. We offer honest and up-front pricing so you know exactly what your final bill will look like. We offer speedy service, so you can expect your job to be finished promptly. Contact us today at (870) 335-2788, and schedule your service.

Commercial Electrician Services

When you need a commercial electrician in Hoxie, AR, you can’t go wrong with Chamberlain Electric. Commercial electricians have specialized skills that are needed to service businesses. Commercial buildings typically have much higher electrical needs than your average residential building. A commercial electrician knows how to handle these unique electrical needs and keep them safe. From lighting to maintenance, and more, Chamberlain Electric can help you keep your business running.

Home Lighting

Lighting in Hoxie, AR is easily overlooked when you are considering any home improvements. After all, a dark corner can be lit with a lamp. However, that does still take up space in your home. You will also lose access to that outlet. Having lighting installed can be a better way to light your home. From recessed lighting to LEDs, we can help light up your space exactly how you want it. We can help highlight your favorite features or light a room according to how you use it. You can also save money by moving to more energy-efficient lighting for your home. Contact us for a consultation, and enjoy a more comfortable and beautiful home.

For the highly rated electricians in Hoxie, AR, dial (870) 335-2788 now to schedule your services today!

Panel Repairs and Replacements

Your electrical panel is not only where your electricity enters your home, but it is also an important safety feature. If your electrical panel is out of date, you may also find yourself paying more for home insurance or even being denied it entirely. A panel repair or replacement in Hoxie, AR can help. Panel repairs make sure your electrical service is safe and efficient. A replacement can help lower your bills and lower your risk of an electrical fire. If you will be getting a new insurance quote, make sure that your electrical panel is up to date.

EV Chargers for Your Home

EVs are becoming the dominant form of vehicle engine. They are predicted to take over the market eventually. If you have an EV, you know the struggles of charging your vehicle. The included cable will work with your home outlets, but it takes a long time to charge. Public chargers take less time but cost more money. You can opt for a home EV charger in Hoxie, AR and enjoy faster charging for less money out of pocket. We can help you find the right charger for your vehicle and install it safely. Contact our electrical contractor in Hoxie, AR today.

Whole-Home Surge Protection

Everyone knows about surge protection strips that protect anything plugged into it. We also all know that surges can happen during bad weather. However, electrical surges can happen at any time. Even if they don’t break something, they can still cause wear and tear on your expensive appliances. This can mean you need to replace them much sooner. Surge protection in Hoxie, AR can help save you this expense. You won’t need to worry about one lighting strike destroying your appliances or if your AC or fridge is going to break too quickly.

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