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Electrical Generators in Jonesboro, AR

Backup generators are a great way to keep your family safe in power outages and during natural disasters. Whether you have important medical devices that need constant power, medication that needs to stay cold, or just lights you want to keep on during a disaster, a generator fits the bill. Chamberlain Electric can help with our professional generator repair in Jonesboro, AR or generator installation services. We are licensed to service all kinds of generators, we are also a trusted and certified Cummins Inc generator provider. Our electricians are fully trained and can help you find the right unit and keep it functioning well. We are proud to be locally owned and operated, and we provide speedy service to get you up and running. We also offer up-front and honest pricing, so you know exactly what your generator will cost.

About Electric Generators

If you are considering a generator installation in Jonesboro, AR, you are likely wondering how generators work and how they benefit you. Electrical generators all work on the same basic principle. Some type of motor is used to rapidly move a conductor coil between the poles of a horseshoe-shaped magnet. The power source for the motor can be a fossil fuel like gasoline or natural gas. It could also be a renewable resource like solar or wind power. 

Most commercial backup generators have a few fuel options, depending on the format. For instance, many portable generators use gas or propane. Larger standby generators typically use natural gas or a similar fuel source that your electrician will help you select. Portable generators are the most familiar to the average consumer. These are frequently sold at home improvement stores and are used both in emergencies and by contractors at sites without electrical service.

Portable generators need to have the devices they are running plugged in, and they need special plugs to power a home. Standby generators are large units installed outside your house that will kick on if they detect a power interruption. You can select one that can run just a few essentials or even your whole home. A portable generator requires fueling and more upkeep by the user than a standby generator.

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Benefits of an Electric Generator

Having a generator can help make sure that your food doesn’t spoil and you aren’t stuck in the dark during a power outage. Power outages can last for hours, days, or even weeks in the case of major disasters. Having a solution on hand can keep your family safe. During intense weather, you can keep your electrical appliances running. This can keep your home comfortable, your food cold, and your phones charged during emergencies. 

If you would like to give yourself peace of mind during an outage, Chamberlain Electric can help with our generator installation services. Even if you already have a standby generator or a portable generator on hand, we can ensure it is ready for use. We offer speedy generator repair in Jonesboro, AR, so your generator is ready for the next emergency. We can help you find the right generator for your household and keep it in perfect shape. Trust Chamberlain Electric to handle your generator needs. 

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A backup generator can help keep you safe no matter what is in the future. From a simple outage to a major disaster, a good generator will keep your lights on. Chamberlain Electric can help with generator installations and repairs. Our fully trained electricians know generators and can help you find the right option for your home. We offer up-front pricing, so you will know exactly what your peace of mind will cost. We also offer speedy service, so you do not need to worry about being caught off-guard. Contact us today at (870) 335-2788 and enjoy the security of never worrying about a power outage again.

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