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Surge Protection in Jonesboro, AR

If you’re like most people, you have appliances and electronics that remain plugged into an outlet at all times. This places your devices at risk of a power surge, as you never know when there will be a thunderstorm, when your utility company will switch power grids, or if there’s bad wiring somewhere in your home. Imagine buying a brand new TV, only to have a thunderstorm come through and fry the electronics. 

At Chamberlain Electric, we offer professional surge protection services, along with honest, upfront pricing, that can help guard your electronics against electrical damage, no matter the cause of the surge. Below are some potential causes of power surges in Jonesboro, AR.

Potential Causes of Power Surges

There’s no one cause when it comes to a power surge. You might think of electrical storms as the most common cause and unplug all your electronics and appliances in an attempt to protect them. Surge protection extends the life of your electronics and keeps them safe against inconsistent electrical voltages. Below are other reasons why you need surge protection in Jonesboro, AR.

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Bad Wiring

Damaged wires cause power surges as the electricity that normally travels through the wires isn’t directed as it should. Damage to wires can be caused by anything from simple wear and tear to pets or pests chewing on the wiring inside the walls or inside the room. If you have a child, dog, cat, or other pet that likes to chew on wires, you understand the dangers involved. Don’t handle exposed wires yourself, but contact an electrician to replace wires to ensure your safety.

Blown Transformers

You may know that a blown power transformer can cause power outages. This is often caused by a small animal or piece of debris getting into the transformer and coming into contact with the fuses and other parts of the transformers. Transformers are also targets for random lightning strikes or a tree limb touching the power line or transformer. Keep in mind that a lightning strike can send a surge of thousands of volts to your appliances or electronics. However, whole home surge protection in Jonesboro, AR can prevent damage caused by any type of power surge.

Downed Power Lines

There are multiple reasons for downed power lines, but the main reasons people think have to do with the weather. High winds, strong thunderstorms and lots of snow and ice are good culprits for bringing down power lines and causing power surges, but there are others as well. These include someone driving into a power line or a crew working on a nearby structure and causing a power line to fall.

Electrical Storms

Electrical storms are the main reason people call Chamberlain Electric for surge protector installation in Jonesboro, AR. Some believe that today’s technology will protect itself from the electrical surge caused by lightning, only to discover their appliances and electronics working incorrectly or not at all. It only makes sense to seek out surge protection to keep your belongings safe.

What Surge Protection Service Entails

The surge protection service we provide goes beyond the power strips you can purchase at your local store. While they are handy and provide protection, they aren’t as encompassing as a whole house surge protector. Our electricians at Chamberlain Electric installs the whole home surge protector and hardwire it to the electrical box to ensure it’s properly grounded. Once installed, the whole home surge protector blocks the flow of voltage and sends it to the ground so that it doesn’t affect your home.

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If you’re ready to protect your home, appliances, and electronics from unforeseen power surges, then now is the time to act. Our team of fully licensed electricians provides fast service. Contact Chamberlain Electric at (870) 335-2788 to schedule an appointment for our technicians to install a whole house surge protector to keep your home and electronics safe.

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