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4 Causes of Bulbs That Continue to Blow

When you install new lightbulbs in your home, you likely expect them to last for several months, depending on how often they’re in use. There may be times when the bulbs tend to blow sooner than expected and need to be replaced. If you notice your bulbs continue to blow on your property in Jonesboro, Arkansas, there are a few common causes to consider investigating with the help of a professional electrician.

1. Too Much Vibration

There may be too much vibration when your lightbulbs fail to illuminate and are not reliable. This is common with bulbs that are installed in ceiling fans due to the constant motion of the blades moving. The lightbulbs can also blow out faster because they’re working harder than normal to stay lit as the ceiling fan is in use.

2. Wiring Issues

There may be problems with the wiring that is in place, especially if you installed a new light fixture onto old wires. There may also be a poor connection if the bulb is screwed in too tight or happens to be loose. There won’t be a strong enough electrical current if the bulb isn’t working. There may also be a lack of connection if the previous owners of the home always installed cheaper lightbulbs. This requires hiring a professional electrician from a company like Chamberlain Electric in Jonesboro to diagnose the problem and install new parts.

3. A High Voltage

Many of the homes in Jonesboro are older and have outdated electrical systems that can’t support modern appliances. When there’s too much voltage in the building as you use different types of devices and electronics, it can cause the lightbulbs to keep blowing. Consider using a voltage tester to determine how much electricity is typically used in your home each day. The voltage supply should be adjusted by a professional if you notice it’s at 125 or more volts.

4. Overheating Lightbulbs

Bulbs tend to overheat and have a shorter lifespan, which can be due to a few main causes. The wattage of the lightbulb may be too high for the light fixture where it’s installed, which is common if it’s an older light fixture in an old home. The lightbulb may also be too large and require too much energy for the fixture. You may even be using the wrong type of bulb for a fixture that is enclosed, which can cause too much heat to accumulate and become trapped.

Reach out to the team at Chamberlain Electric in Jonesboro when you want to learn more about why your lightbulbs continue to blow in your home. Our experts are highly knowledgeable and will be happy to assist you.

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