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4 Electrical Tips to Follow When There’s a Power Outage

Power outages are always an inconvenience and can interrupt your life as you spend time in your home. During the spring and hot summer months in Jonesboro, storms are common. The next time there’s a power outage on your property, there are a few important tips to follow until the power is fully restored.

1. Unplug Your Electronics and Appliances

Power overloads can occur when too many electronics or appliances are plugged into different outlets in the building. Power surges can cause significant damage, making it necessary to unplug everything during the power outage. You can also increase your level of safety by shutting off your utilities if it looks like any damage has occurred.

2. Keep the Refrigerator Shut

When power outages occur in Jonesboro, they can often last for several hours or days. Keep your refrigerator and freezer shut as long as possible to prevent the cold air from escaping. This can help preserve the food and prevent it from going bad until the power is restored. Resort to eating food in the pantry to avoid opening and closing the refrigerator while preparing meals. You can also fill coolers with ice to keep your food cold.

If the weather is cold outside, opt for keeping your food stored outdoors where it’s in a secure location and can’t be accessed by animals or pets.

3. Use a Generator

A generator will prove to be useful when you need to cook food or keep your refrigerator plugged in during an outage. Generators run off of gas, which allows them to be used when you don’t have electricity. Generators should always operate outside to avoid exposing yourself to carbon monoxide due to the fumes that are released. Work with a professional from a company like Chamberlain to find the right generator based on your needs. One of our professional electricians will be able to provide you with the different options available and explain the features of each product on the market.

4. Stay Away From Downed Power Lines

If you notice there are any downed power lines on or near your property, steer clear to avoid electrocutions. Immediately call 9-1-1 to report the downed power lines. It’s important you do so in order to reduce the risk of accidents or injuries that can occur. If you’re dependent on medical equipment that is powered by electricity, it’s also crucial to immediately call 9-1-1 for assistance.

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