4 Reasons to Install a Backup Generator

4 Reasons You Need a Generator Installed

It’s not always obvious why you need a standby generator. However, the city’s power grid can experience outages, especially during a heatwave, winter storm, or natural disaster.

These events could leave people without power for several days or more. The following will show how an installed generator could be your best home purchase this year.

1. For Your Family’s Safety

Installing a backup generator gives you the peace of mind that your home in Jonesboro, AR will have access to electricity under all conditions. If you have a family member who depends on life-support equipment, a power outage of even a few minutes could become deadly for them.

A standby generator helps keep your phones charged and your home temperature comfortable. In high-crime areas, lighting and home security systems keep your family safe from intruders, especially during the chaos of a natural disaster.

If you own a business in Jonesboro, AR, a power outage means that lighting, warning systems, and communication systems will not work. Employees could even become trapped inside a building or warehouse and injure themselves while walking in the dark to find an exit.

2. Installed Generators Are the Gold Standard

During a power outage, an installed or standby generator switches on automatically, powering the whole house with no downtime. There is no need to drag a portable unit out of the garage to hook it up during a storm.

Standby generators provide more power than portable generators, and they can run for several days or even weeks without refueling. An electrician installs the unit with an insulated cover, which allows it to operate with much less noise than portable generators.

3. To Protect Against Financial Losses

A standby generator protects you from losing money due to the effects of a power blackout. A loss of power to your home’s sump pump could cause basement flooding. Your home refrigerator and freezer might contain hundreds of dollars in food for your family. These perishable items can go bad during a loss of power.

In a business setting, spoiled food in commercial fridges and freezers could easily cost thousands of dollars in losses due to power outages. Check with your homeowners’ insurance company, as some insurers give premium discounts if you have an installed generator because of the protection it provides to your home.

4. Because of the Aging Power Grid

Jonesboro, like the rest of of the U.S., is getting by with a power grid primarily built during the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, resulting in frequent power outages. A significant portion of the grid’s equipment has a typical life of 50 years and needs replacement. According to the American Society of Electric Engineers, the U.S. earned a D+ grade for the condition of its electrical grid. Getting a generator means that you won’t have to worry about electrical grid issues.

Find Your Peace of Mind

When you need to provide safety and access to secure electric power for your family, installing a standby generator gives you that peace of mind. Our professional, licensed electricians can review the benefits of an installed generator, discuss your situation and needs, and give you an honest, upfront price quote.

When you contact Chamberlain Electric, we’ll get your generator installed quickly and efficiently so that your home is equipped to handle a power outage in any situation. Call us today!

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