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4 Signs You Have a Faulty Plug-In

It’s easy to take for granted that all your electrical appliances are just going to work when you turn them on, but that is only made possible by the functioning plug-ins that provide the electricity that those appliances need. While you should certainly never try to repair your own electrical outlets, there are some signs that you can recognize that indicate that one or more of the plug-ins in your Jonesboro, AR home on Crowley’s Ridge are no longer working correctly.

The Outlet Doesn’t Work

This indication of a bad plug-in may seem somewhat obvious, but it’s the most obvious sign that a plug-in in your home needs to be replaced. If you plug something in to an outlet such as a cellphone charger, and nothing happens, try plugging your cord into another plug-in. This will ensure that the problem isn’t with the item that you’re plugging in. If the cord or other electrical appliance that you’re testing works in another plug-in, you can safely assume that the first plug-in is no longer working.

The Presence of Heat

One of the symptoms of a faulty plug-in is the presence of heat in and around the outlet. If you notice the plastic faceplate on your electrical outlet is starting to melt, the holes where you plug items in are melting and looking wider, or that the area around the outlet is hot to the touch, it’s important that you stop using that plug-in immediately. This can be caused by the wiring in the outlet being outdated or something becoming disconnected internally. Don’t ignore these signs, as failure to have the problem repaired quickly could result in an electrical fire.

Cracks in the Faceplate

It’s easy to see fractures and cracks in the faceplate of your electrical outlet and assume that it’s just general wear and tear, but nothing could be further from the truth. Even if the cracks in the faceplate have occurred naturally, it’s important to have them replaced sooner rather than later. The smallest of cracks can allow dust and debris to get into the plug-in, which is a serious fire hazard.

Plugs Keep Falling Out

Finally, the items that you plug into your electrical outlets should fit snugly and securely into the holes in the faceplate. If you notice that the items that you’re plugging in are falling out or that the connection is loose, there is something wrong with the plug-in itself. Don’t continue using a plug-in that doesn’t secure the cords that you’re plugging in, as this can be another fire hazard.

When you suspect that you have an issue with one of the electrical outlets in your home, it’s important that you trust the repair or replacement process to the professionals. The team at Chamberlain has been solving the electrical needs for people in and around Jonesboro, AR for years. Call us today to find out all about our residential and commercial electrical services.

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