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5 Tips if Your Breakers Keep Tripping

The electricity from your power company flows through a wire connected to your breaker panel, also known as your service panel. From the breaker panel, it flows through your appliances and electronics, creating a closed loop. The electricity in your home is divided into sections, each of which is tied to a breaker that has an ON/OFF switch. If your breakers keep tripping, here are a few tips to keep this from happening.

1. Check for Circuit Overload

A breaker trips when more current is being drawn through the wires than they were meant to carry. This will cause the power to go out in only part of your house. Try turning something off or unplugging it and see if it resolves the problem. If the power to the entire house is out, you might try calling City Water & Light or Craighead Electric Cooperative in Jonesboro to see if they are experiencing problems in the Craighead County area.

2. Check the Appliance or Device

If you have GFCI outlets, and it trips when you plug in an appliance, such as your blow-dryer, then it might be the appliance itself. Try plugging it into another outlet that you know is on a different circuit. A breaker that trips on two different circuits indicates a problem with the device or appliance, and you should cut the cord end off the appliance and replace it.

3. Beware of Short Circuits

A short circuit can cause a breaker to trip continually. This happens when two wires that are not supposed to touch come together. It can happen if the wire is loose, the insulation is worn, or from rodent or pet damage. A short is a fire hazard, and you should turn off the breakers. You need to call an electrician immediately.

4. Look for Water Contact

One possible culprit for a circuit that continues to trip is that water from a leak, condensation, or dripping pipe is making contact with an outlet, wire, or appliance. The electricity will jump to the water to try to ground. This can cause an electrical surge and trip the breaker continually. This can be especially problematic during the rainy season from March through August when you could have standing water in your yard or in your basement close to the wiring.

5. Check for a Faulty Breaker

If a breaker continues to trip, eventually, the breaker will become weak and wear out. In this case, you might need to have the breaker or your electrical panel replaced. The only way to know if this is the case is to call an electrician.

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