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Can Switching to LED Lights Save You Money?

Switching to LED lights can help you save about $8.33 a month, or roughly $1,000 over 10 years. The exact amount you could save depends on your average price of kWh. The national average is $0.10 per kWh, which translates to about $215 annually. You could save about $2,000 over 20 years by switching to LED lights. There are several other factors to consider when switching to LED lighting.

Costs of LED Lighting

Our electricians can install the proper lighting for your needs, such as art or media room lighting in Jonesboro, AR. Electricians can install LED lights almost anywhere in your house. The average US household has 20 indoor lights throughout.

LED lighting is more expensive than other bulbs because they weren’t widely available until around 2010. LED bulbs are about 85% lower in price but are still about $5 a bulb. Replacing 20 bulbs would cost about $100, and most homes have more bulbs than that. The longer you use LED bulbs, the more money you’ll save.

LED Bulbs Last Longer

High-efficiency LED bulbs can last a decade or longer, while halogen and incandescent ones only last about a year. LED lights are more expensive, but you need to replace them less often. You may spend about $30 a year replacing incandescent light bulbs, depending on the number of lights.

By looking at the costs over 10 years, you can see the savings on your lighting.

  • An incandescent bulb is about $2.70 and uses about $5.18 of electricity per year. Costs are $78.80 over 10 years.
  • A halogen bulb is about $2.50 and uses about $5.18 of electricity per year. Costs are $76.80 over 10 years.
  • An LED bulb is about $5.25 and uses about $1.20 of electricity per year. Costs are $17.25 over 10 years.

Since incandescent bulbs last about 1,200 hours, using a light two hours a day will last a little over a year and a half. Since LED bulbs last about 25,000 hours, usage two hours a day lasts around 34 years. Going by that math, you would spend an extra $1,000 changing incandescent bulbs over the 34 years.

LED Bulbs Give Off Less Heat

Incandescent and halogen bulbs waste electricity by giving off more heat than LED bulbs. An incandescent bulb releases almost 90% of its energy as heat. LED lights may save about $75 a month by using 75-80% less energy.

Electricians can install LED lighting almost anywhere. LED lights are energy-efficient and have a long lifespan to save you money. LED lighting also has hues of white and daylight to mimic the warm yellow incandescent and halogen bulbs. Call us at Chamberlain for an appointment if you want to switch to LED lighting today.

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