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Christmas Lights Safety: # Inexpensive Tools to Prevent a Fire

The Practical Way to Prevent Christmas Light Fires

Putting up Christmas lights is a job, but the result is so cheerful that it’s well worth the effort. However, these sparkly strands of light are as dependent on electricity as any appliance in your home, and they need to be given the same respect. Indeed, they might even need more consideration since they’re only brought out once a year. Here are some ways to make sure your Christmas lights work safely.

Unplug the Lights When You Go to Bed

Maybe you have your tree in your living room window and you want people to see its beauty as they pass outside. That’s lovely, but you need to pull the plug when you go to bed. You certainly need to pull the plug if you are going on vacation or even going to work. As with a space heater, Christmas tree lights shouldn’t be left on in an empty house.

No Flames on or Near the Tree

Though it’s amazing to think that people once put lighted candles on Christmas trees, we now understand that this is a quick way to a fire. Christmas trees also shouldn’t be placed near a roaring fireplace, even though this looks fetching. Keep your tree at least three feet away from an open flame.

Spray the Tree With a Humectant

If you have a real tree, spray its needles with a humectant. This locks in moisture and keeps the tree from drying out too quickly. Doing so reduces the risk of a fire.

Avoid Low-Quality Lights

If you need to buy more Christmas lights this season, make sure they bear a UL label that indicates they’ve been certified by Underwriter’s Laboratory. This logo will tell you that they have been tested for safety.

Don’t Use Indoor Lights Outdoors

It may surprise some people to know that indoor and outdoor lights aren’t interchangeable. You can get away with using outdoor lights inside, as they are made to bear up under winter weather, but even the best indoor lights shouldn’t be used outdoors.

Buy Plastic Holders or Clips to Hang Lights

Never staple, nail, or tack your Christmas lights if you want to hang them around your house. These fasteners can puncture the wires and create a fire hazard. Instead, buy plastic clips that are made to hang lights like these.

Learn More About Your Christmas Lights

Handling Christmas lights with safety in mind does much to make sure that your holidays are joyful and carefree. The good news is that the above-mentioned tips are inexpensive as well as simple. They’re easy to follow. Whether you are a commercial or residential customer in the Jonesboro area, contact our licensed electricians at Chamberlain Electric to learn more or schedule an appointment for electrical services.

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