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Electrical Problems Common During Winter

Entertaining during the holidays, including having guests over, fixing elaborate meals and putting up electricity-dependent decorations, are not the only things that stress your electrical system in winter. Winters are chilly in Jonesboro, and now and then, a snow or ice storm can take down power lines. In addition, natural accidents can plunge entire neighborhoods into such darkness and cold that homes without standby generators can be uninhabitable. Here are some less dire electrical concerns that are seen more often in winter.

Frequently Tripping Breakers

Breakers trip even in the loveliest weather, but it is more likely during the winter. If your breaker trips frequently, it may have too much of an electrical burden. Power surges or a short circuit can also cause the circuit breaker to trip.

Sparking or Non-working Outlets

Sometimes you’ll notice sparking when you plug an appliance into an electrical outlet. It may be harmless, but it can also indicate a severe problem. For example, if the outlet becomes very hot, the coating that protects the wires can melt, which causes sparking.

Short-lived Lightbulbs

During the winter, you may notice that your light bulbs seem to be burning out faster than usual. Burnouts might be a problem with the bulb itself, but it can also be a function of the power company sending more juice to your electrical system. Since your power company is probably doing this to compensate for the greater use of electricity in the winter, invest in bulbs with higher voltage. Higher voltage doesn’t necessarily mean higher wattage.

Strange Odors and Sounds

Call the electrician immediately if you smell a burning wire or hear loud buzzing from an electrical outlet.

Problems with Old Equipment

You may be surprised to learn that the old space heater that keeps you warm on frosty nights might not be compatible with the electricity in your modern home. Old equipment can put you at risk of an electrical fire, so it’s good practice to have it checked by an electrician. You might want to replace small appliances over five years old.

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