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Electricians and Electrical Inspectors: What Jobs They Do

When talking about electricians and electrical inspectors, homeowners and business owners sometimes become confused because they believe that both types of professionals perform the same tasks. While an electrician and an electrical inspector can both perform inspections, there are guidelines surrounding when they can perform these inspections. To understand the difference between an electrician and an electrical inspector, let’s look into what each of these professionals does.

What Is an Electrical Inspector?

An electrical inspector has the job of coming out to a home or commercial property to inspect work that has been completed by an electrician. The inspection that an electrical inspector performs is for the purpose of ensuring that all electrical work has been done correctly. In addition to ensuring all work is done correctly, the electrical inspector also makes sure all work meets established safety codes.

Third parties hire electrical inspectors. When third parties hire electrical inspectors, this makes certain that the inspections are unbiased. The electrical inspector does not know either the electrician or the customer who needed the work done. Inspections of electrical work that has been completed are required by the township where the home or business is located.

What Is an Electrician

Electricians complete electrical work, and they troubleshoot and fix electrical issues that they spot inside and outside of your home. Some of the jobs that an electrician may perform are installing electrical panels, light fixtures, and whole-house generators. Electricians can also rewire homes and commercial buildings, and they can fix broken outlets.

Electricians can perform safety inspections before any electrical work is done. Safety inspections are designed to spot any electrical problems that may be present so they can be remediated to bring the home or commercial building up to code. If there are any safety risks present, the electrician can also advise about what work must be done. Safety inspections are thorough as both the inside and outside electrical equipment are inspected in their entirety.

So, What Is the Real Difference?

An electrician can only inspect electrical systems and equipment before any work is done. Electricians cannot inspect work that has been performed by others. Electrical inspectors only perform inspections after work is completed and not any time before.

When homeowners and business owners want an electrical inspection and work has not yet been done, they will call electricians. If work has been done, homeowners and business owners will contact electrical inspectors.

If you need a safety inspection performed on your home or commercial building, contact Chamberlain Electric. If we spot any problems during our inspection of your property, we will collaborate with you to remediate these problems so safety is maintained. Since Jonesboro, AR receives an average of 48.7 inches of rain, this means that storms are a risk and there is a potential for your electrical system to suffer from storm damage. Some of the things we check for during our safety inspection are whether upgrades are needed to bring your electrical system to code, whether outlets must be repaired, and if there is damage to the electrical system by storms.

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