How To Add Affordable Safety And Convenience To Your Home

Even though residents in the Jonesboro community feel safe in their homes, you can never be too safe. And one of the most affordable ways to add safety is with the installation of a video doorbell. With the holidays approaching, this is a great way to fend off would-be thieves who are looking to get away with your holiday gifts or any other deliveries that are arriving at your front door. And the added safety does not stop there.

Avoid Annoying Solicitors

With more people at home these days, solicitors are out in force to grab a few minutes of your time to get a donation, sell you something, or get you roped into the latest scam or ploy to steal your identity. However, when you have a video doorbell, all you do is look at your phone to see if you will be opening the door to greet a guest or if the person is an uninvited and unwanted interruption. There are even options to record a greeting so that the person on your stoop knows that they have been recorded and should leave respectfully.

Added Safety For You And Your Neighbors

Unfortunately, the unsavory element is continuing to increase even in our town. From vandalism to petty theft and worse, it seems to appear everywhere. However, when you have a video doorbell, you provide an extra layer of security for your home and those on your street. Oftentimes, a perpetrator can be seen skulking up to or away from a victim’s house on someone else’s video doorbell. These images go a long way to helping catch the criminal and put an end to the mischief in your neighborhood.

Peace Of Mind When You Are Away

There are many reasons that you might want to know who is standing at your front door when you are not at home. If you have children, it is always comforting to see who might be knocking on the door when they are home alone. And it lets you know when they have arrived home from school or an outing so you can relax knowing they are home and safe. You will also see deliveries when they come and understand why your pet might be agitated when you arrive home soon after someone was knocking on the front door.

Video Doorbells Are A Thoughtful Gift

As you begin your holiday shopping, think about the added comfort and security a video doorbell could bring to a friend or relative. They add a level of safety for anyone who lives alone and is not comfortable opening the door or who worries about an intruder. And if the recipient is an elderly parent, you can even take a peek at the images to see that they are home safe and sound. It is a gift that will keep on giving throughout the year and remind your friend or family member that they are loved. Call (870) 335-2788 to speak to the experts at Chamberlain Electric about a price quote to include professional installation as part of your innovative and caring holiday gift idea.

Installing A Video Doorbell

The installation process for these handy devices is not as simple as changing the basic battery-powered doorbell. Instead, they need to be wired to a power source and then connected to the Wi-Fi. If you are not ready to take on this part of the upgrade project, call (870) 335-2788. The licensed electricians at Chamberlain Electric are happy to provide you with a free price quote for a video doorbell installation. And all of our work is backed by a complete warranty for added peace of mind.

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