How To Recognize The Electrical Hazards In Your Home

Many homeowners in Jonesboro are shocked to think that electrical hazards are present in their homes. Most people believe that they have done everything necessary to provide a safe home for their families to enjoy. But the simple truth is that there is at least one or possibly more of these common electrical hazards in almost every home in the community. And unless homeowners learn to recognize and address the issues, the result could be tragic.

Outdated Electrical Wiring

Safety standards and building code change regularly to provide the most safety possible. In addition, the last few decades have seen significant changes in the amount of electricity required in the average home. Today’s lifestyle includes massive televisions, home theater systems, central air conditioning, and chef-quality kitchen appliances that demand an enormous amount of electricity. But homes built just a few decades ago were not designed or wired to handle these high-demand items.

While the wiring and electrical components in your home might be getting by, they could be old, deteriorating, and have minimal insulation. When the insulation on electrical wiring fails or degrades, you see a substantial increase in the potential for power surges, arcing, and other issues that often lead to an electrical fire or severe electrical shock. If you are not sure how old the wiring in your home is, it is time for an electrical safety inspection to determine if your electrical system is up to the demand that it is facing.

Overloaded Outlets And Power Strips

As you bring home more electrical devices, you determine that there are few outlets in your older home. The proper response to this discovery is to call a licensed electrician to install more outlets and upgrade the circuits and wiring as needed to accommodate the increased demand for power. However, most homeowners simply buy a few power strips and begin to quickly overload their home’s electrical outlets and circuits.

The immediate downside to this overload is frequently tripping breakers. But the long-term problem is the increased potential for an electrical fire. When you have too many items plugged into an outlet or power strip, the increased electricity flowing to the outlet creates a massive amount of heat. Soon, that heat will melt wire insulation and can be the start of an electrical fire.

Curious Children

Children are sure to associate that when an adult plugs something into an outlet, it comes to life. Recharging a tablet or game appears simple. And that magic slot on the wall seems to be what makes it happen. Soon fingers and other items are crammed into an outlet to discover what will happen. Unfortunately, if the child is successful, the result can be a life-threatening shock or catastrophic burn. The only solution for preventing harm to a curious child is diligent adult supervision.

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