Electrician is using a digital meter to measure the voltage at the circuit breaker control cabinet on the wall.

The Importance of Having a Home Electrical Check Up

If your lights have been flickering lately, an outlet gave you a little shock, or one of your home’s breaker switches keeps tripping, you may be overdue for some electrical maintenance.

Electricity can be dangerous when malfunctions happen, but routine maintenance performed by a qualified electrician each year can keep your home and family safe and secure.

Just like a health physical, your electrical system can use a checkup too. Here are three essential things to have looked at by a professional, experienced electrician each year, especially if you have an older home.

Electrical Wiring

Electrical wires last from 50 to 70 years when kept in good condition. However, hungry rodents and other environmental factors can age wire more quickly, erode the outer insulation, and create a dangerous situation.

Older electrical wiring contributes to many problems, and you can identify it by looking for any cloth insulation on wires or aluminum wire. The newer types of wire are insulated with a plastic coating and made of copper.

If your wiring needs maintenance or replacement, you might experience:

  • Lights that dim or flicker repeatedly while in use
  • Buzzing or other noises coming from an outlet or electrical switch
  • Smoke or a burning odor while using an outlet
  • Outlets that give off shocks

The Breaker Panel

Your home’s breaker panel divides up the electric power into branch circuits to bring power to different parts of your home. The breaker panel uses circuit breakers or fuses to safeguard against overloading or shorting the circuits, especially with heavier use during snowy Jonesboro, AR winters.

When homeowners make improvements to their houses, these additions can place more demands on existing electrical systems. If you experience the following, you need an electrician to inspect, service, or replace your breaker panel.

  • The circuit breaker trips often
  • Warm or hot areas on the breaker panel
  • Rust, dust, or mold inside the breaker box or on the panel

An electrician should inspect your home’s wiring and do a thermal check to detect high temperatures, which could reveal other electrical problems.

Plugs and Switches

One of the most common causes of house fires is malfunctioning electrical units, such as damaged outlets and switches. Older outlets can be costly to repair, so maintaining them keeps you safe and saves you money.

Regular switch and outlet maintenance protect your devices and electronics from being damaged or destroyed or giving off electric shocks. Damaged outlets can catch fire due to wires overheating and melting or burning the outlet. If you replace the outlets in your home, always buy them from a reputable store or an electrician. Installing lower-end or cheaper outlets could cost you a lot more later on in damages.

You may have lights that flicker when you plug appliances into certain outlets or electrical outlets that give off heat or vibration. These events signal that you have an electrical issue that needs inspection and repair.

Include Electrical in Your Fall Maintenance

The easiest way to avoid dangerous electrical issues is to call a licensed, professional electrician for help. They can repair wiring, check your breaker panel, test the circuit breakers, and more.

Keep your Jonesboro, AR home in good repair throughout the year with a solid electrical maintenance plan. Call Chamberlain Electric today for fast, professional, and affordable electrical service!

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