Why Is My Light Switch Crackling?

When you reach over to turn on the light switch, the only thing you are hoping to achieve is brightening up the space. So when you notice that you are also hearing some odd crackling or popping noises, it should serve as a warning of potential electrical issues in your Jonesboro home. There should never be an audible sound when you turn on a light switch.

How A Switch Works

There is a constant flow of electricity through the electrical wires in your home. The only reason that all your lights are not constantly illuminated is the switches for the lights in the off position. These switches have two terminals. The terminals are not connected when the switch is off, and the electricity cannot move forward to the light. However, turning the switch on connects the two terminals allowing the power to move on and turn on the light. To turn the light off, you flip the switch and interrupt or open the circuit and the electricity no longer flows to the light.

So What makes The Odd Noises?

As the electricity flows through the wiring, it creates heat. Fortunately, the wiring is insulated to contain the heat and prevent a fire in the walls of your home. However, if the wire’s insulation is damaged or worn, that heat can escape, increasing the potential for an electrical fire. In addition, that electricity will begin to arc and jump the open circuit created by the switch in the off position.

As an often used light switch in your home begins to wear, it no longer makes solid contact with both terminals to complete the circuit. The result is often flickering lights from the intermittent flow of electricity and arcing to bridge the gap between the terminals. That arcing of the electricity is noticeable as popping, crackling, or snapping sounds. These noises should be alerting you to a worn switch that should be replaced before the electricity arcs and shocks the person touching the switch.

Is This A DIY Repair?

Only you can decide your level of comfort working with electricity and your confidence in completing the project without any issues. There is a strong potential for an electrical shock or damage to your home’s wiring if you are not capable of making the repair safely. In most cases, the optimal choice is to call a licensed electrician to make the light switch replacement.

Why Call A Pro?

If you have physically worn out a light switch in your home, the obvious question is, what else is wearing out? Unless you have had your home’s electrical system inspected in the last year or two, this is an excellent time to schedule a safety inspection. A licensed electrician will complete a comprehensive evaluation of the entire system, including the electrical panel, wiring, outlets, and other components, to ensure the safety of your loved ones and home.

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