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Why You Need to Schedule Electrical Maintenance Before Renovation

Renovations are a major undertaking. It’s easy to forget your electrical system when you’re considering the cost and time renovation takes. However, scheduling electrical maintenance before you begin your renovation can save you time and money in the long run.

Checking the Health of Your Electrical System

Any renovation should start with a check of your electrical system. Many renovations include placing new or more convenient outlets or switches. You need to make sure your system can handle the additions before you commit to adding anything new to a circuit. A quick check can tell if you need to add a new circuit while you’re already working on renovations.

This is particularly true if you are creating an addition. A whole new room may be too much for your current system. A qualified electrician can tell you what steps you need to take to make sure your renovation is a success. It’s much cheaper and faster to find out what you need before you start the work. You will have time to get quotes and already have a plan for when your electrical system will be updated.

Handle Repairs at the Same Time

Renovations are a great time to handle any major repairs your electrical system may need. You will likely have the walls already open. You also won’t need to deal with your daily life being interrupted unexpectedly. Like many homes here in Jonesboro, older electrical systems may have wires that aren’t up to code anymore or older connectors that may not be safe. The humid weather here in Jonesboro also can do a number on electrical systems over time. This is particularly true for electrical panels that may rust.

Our electricians can spot any areas that need repairs or replacements before you start renovations. Then you can have them repair and access the wires while you already have the walls open. This can save time and money since you’re already doing remodeling work. If you’re already adding extra outlets or appliances, it’s easy for electricians to fix older wiring while they are already working in the wall.

Save Money

Even if you need to do some repairs, you will save money by scheduling what you need ahead of time. You can easily get a quote so you can budget for the expense. You also don’t need to worry about expensive emergency repairs later on.

Schedule Your Maintenance Today

When you’re looking to start a renovation, make sure you schedule electrical maintenance. Chamberlain can help with our expertise. Call us today and enjoy a safer renovation.

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