Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

As a homeowner in Jonesboro, you are all too aware that everything in your home wears out. But it becomes more challenging to plan for these not-so-pleasant events when the items wearing our are ones you never really see or use. They are the behind-the-scenes components that keep your house functioning safely, like your electrical panel. And you don’t even know how to estimate when this crucial piece of equipment might be reaching the end of its life expectancy. That is why regular electrical inspections are an essential part of taking care of your home and its electrical service.

Signs You Need A New Electrical Panel

Most homeowners are satisfied if the refrigerator is still running and the AC turns on as needed. They believe that the power to the house is in perfect working order. However, that is not correct, nor is it a safe assumption. Some of the signs that your electrical panel needs professional help include:

  • Flickering lights
  • Lights that dim when a large appliance turns on
  • Breakers that trip regularly
  • If your electrical panel is still using fuses rather than breakers
  • If the electrical panel box feels warm to the tough or is humming

All of these are strong indications of an electrical problem and safety hazard that could result in a fire in your home. Call (870) 335-2788 immediately for help from the licensed electricians at Chamberlain. We offer 24/7 emergency service to help you avoid life-threatening problems like an electrical fire or electrical shock hazard in your home.

The Benefits Of An Electrical Panel Upgrade

Of course, the most significant benefit of an electrical panel upgrade is the increased safety of your loved ones and home. However, there are many other great reasons to upgrade your home’s electrical panel, including:

  • The Protection Of Costly Electronics- Your electrical panel and the breakers for each circuit are designed to protect your home and devices from severe power fluctuations, power surges, and other abnormalities in the flow of electricity. These issues can damage the wiring in your home, cause an electrical fire, or the destruction of devices plugged into outlets in your house. When you have tens of thousands of dollars in media equipment, computers, and other electronics, as well as your home appliances, it makes sense to protect them with a high-quality and up-to-date electrical panel.
  • The Addition Of A Significant Electric Item- If you are building a new home theater or installing a larger air conditioning system, a new electrical panel could be necessary. By increasing the demand for electricity in your home, new circuits and a more robust electrical panel could be needed to provide optimal power to your devices and ensure your household’s safety.
  • A New Addition- If you renovate your home to create the house of your dreams with more space and modern conveniences, a new electrical panel is also a must. A panel upgrade will allow for dedicated circuits for new or upgraded HVAC, electronic features, or that spa that you have been dreaming about for years. It will also facilitate proper wiring and electric distribution throughout your new addition without compromising the service to the existing spaces in your home.

To learn more about upgrading your home’s electrical panel, call (870) 335-2788. The licensed electricians at Chamberlain Electric will evaluate your home and the plans for its expansion to provide a custom price quote for your new electrical panel and additional services needed for your project. We guarantee that our price will be the most competitive you receive. And all of our work is backed by a full parts and labor warranty.

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